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Roving Acres Farm is owned by the Karr family, Chris, Beth and Sarah.  Our family has always loved nature and animals, and Beth loved fiber and always wanted to own Angora Rabbits.  From this small seed sprouted the plan to own a fiber farm, and in 2010 a 16 acre farm in Northeastern Ohio was purchased.

We started with a small flock of Jacob sheep, and in the spring of 2011, ten lambs were born.  To say that we were hooked on this adventure is putting it mildly!  Since that time we have expanded our sheep flock to include two fine wool sheep breeds, Cormo and CVM/Romeldale.  We also have Angora Goats, both white and colored, and we have Angora Rabbits.  We still get a thrill every time a lamb or kid is born, and baby rabbits are just about the cutest things ever.

None of our animals, however, is a pet.  They have jobs, and serious jobs at that!  They are working to produce the finest fiber around.  Don’t worry, though, because that’s easy work for our superior wool producers, and they get plenty of perks like chin rubs and carrots.  Sarah is the farm manager, and she takes excellent care of our animals.

We prepare all of the wool on site, and decide what combinations will make the sweetest yarn and roving, then we send the fiber off to either small fiber mills or independent spinners to be processed.  We also buy alpaca fiber from local farmers to have processed.  Beth does all of the hand dyeing, and loves to play with color!

All of this hard work means fabulous fiber, which is our ultimate goal.  And as long as Beth is willing to let it go (I guess I can’t keep it all!), you can buy and enjoy this gorgeous fiber, too.  Come back to our web site often to see our animal additions (babies!) and fiber products (new combinations being worked on all the time!).  Thanks for your interest in Roving Acres Farm!