Roving Acres Farm

Roving Acres Farm was founded in 2010, and is the pride and joy of the Karr Family.  Situated in beautiful Pierpont, Ohio, this old property is being brought back to life and will return to its roots as a working farm.  Our almost 16 acres has two pastures and roughly 4 acres of wildlife-friendly reclaimed woods.

We hope you will join us for our farm adventure!  Feel free to post comments and questions for us, and we will fill you in on details you might want to know.  We are new to farming, so we will have lots of crazy and funny stories to tell along the way.    We encourage you to meet our animals so that you know where your yarn or fiber is coming from, so we welcome visitors to the farm with notice.  We know that you will love them as much as the fiber they produce!

Our Goals

Our goal is to raise sheep, angora goats, and angora rabbits with wonderful fleece that will be combined and processed locally to produce the finest yarn, rovings, and batting around.  Starting with Jacob sheep we will be breeding our own fiber flocks with a focus on healthy, hearty stock with a fine wool.  We are also buying fine alpaca fleece from local alpaca farmers to add to make some really special fiber mixes.  Our yarn and fiber is all one of a kind and created in environmentally conscious ways using local products.

We will also be planting a dye garden where we will grow plants that can be used to make natural dyes.  We will use these dyes as well as commercial dyes to make richly colored yarns and rovings.  Our plan is to also sell prepared natural dyes and teach classes on how to make dyes using plants that many people have in their own yards or neighborhood parks.

Our Practices

Our sheep and goats will be raised on primarily on pasture with supplemental food and hay in the winter.  Our rabbits will also be given outdoor time, and will be fed high quality food.  We use environmentally sound rotational grazing practices  and non-lethal predator control.  We are not planning to be a certified organic farm, but our practices will be as close to organic as we can get without getting the government involved.  Most of all, the animals will be treated with the utmost kindness and respect.  We feel that happy animals make the finest fleece!